About Us

Merging Old-World shoe making with new technology

At Bosque Bespoke, we're proud to break away from fast fashion and support skilled artisans by bringing high-quality bespoke footwear directly to your doorstep. Destined to become your signature go-tos, our timeless-with-a-twist styles are made in Spain. The factory we use is situated in a small town known for its shoe making skills since the 1800s.

Worry-Free Sizing

Our made-to-measure technology is a game-changer…no more guessing or confusion about your shoe size. Fact: No two feet are exactly alike, which is why our easy-to-use sizing app is a must for getting the perfect fit. A camera and a piece of paper are all you need to take 3D scans of your feet. Yes, we offer conventional sizing, too.


Customize! Customize! Customize!

We love our designs, but we're excited for you to make them your own. How? By choosing from a curated selection of luxurious materials in a range of colors for linings, trims, laces, out-soles, vamps, hardware and accessories. We offer high-quality leathers, special fabrics and one-of-a-kind finishes. And (shh!) we have relationships with many European artisan partners including a century-old Italian tannery where well known large luxury houses source their materials.


 Meet the Founder

Many of Carolina's loves come together in her namesake shoe brand. A passion for custom clothing, which she inherited from a father who favored bespoke. An obsession with comfortable and supportive footwear that came when a knee injury ended her career as professional soccer player. And a brilliant knack for IRL and online retail developed while working with Bay Area fashion start-ups.  Carolina lives in Mill Valley, California with her daughter— and many, many pairs of custom shoes.